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Welcome to Christoph Scherber´s Homepage

C ScherberProfessor Dr. rer. nat. Christoph Scherber

Centre for Biodiversity Monitoring and Conservation Science
Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change
Museum Koenig
Adenauerallee 160 
53111 Bonn
phone +49(0)228 9122 450

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December 2021 New projects funded:

DFG Research Unit DynaCom

BfN R&D project Synergistic analysis of monitoring data

BMBF project "GIBBS"

BLE project "FlowerBeet"

August/September 2021

Animal ecology and biodiversity monitoring block course in University of Bonn´s OEP MSc program

April 2021

Statistics course with almost 50 participants in University of Bonn´s OEP Masters program

March 2021

Svenja Bänsch has started the field sampling for the FINKA project - congratulations!

October 2020

Since 1st October, I am heading the Centre for Biodiversity Monitoring at the Museum Koenig in Bonn

August 2020

Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze and BfN president Prof. Beate Jessel visit our new project "KennArt" in Münster

April 2020

Expert statements given for Science Media Center in the context of a recent Science paper on global insect declines


Copyright Judith Kraft/WWU

NewstarOctober 2019 Lecture for an audience of c. 700 students ("Studium im Alter") in the main lecture hall of the University of Münster (image credit: Judith Kraft/WWU)

NewstarSeptember 2019 A very successful GfÖ 2019 conference is over - with more than 680 participants from dozens of countries all over the world. The conference was organized by Norbert Hölzel, Christoph Scherber and Julia Tiede - and Heike Kuhlmann from Kuhlmann KCS, plus many student helpers. Thank you all!

July 2019 A European wildcat has been seen on wildlife cameras in the Arnsberg forest

One of our BSc students was really lucky: She discovered European wildcats on her camera trap images from a series of cameras exposed in the Arnsberg forest. Congratulations!

(photographs by F. Meinking)

July 2019 A new insect monitoring study by MSc student Florian Meinking shows that rare species can be live-trapped using baited traps in forest ecosystems at a large spatial scale. The trap design is based on a recent study by Marco Bardiani et al., Nature Conservation 20 (2017): 37-78.

May 2019 New field trial sown for EU project "DIVERSify" (image credit: Hannah Reininghaus)

November 2018 New paper on insect biodiversity monitoring in press in the journal "Landscape Ecology".

November 2018 New paper on species-area relationships on barrier islands in the German North Sea in press in the journal "Ecology and Evolution".

[image credits: Marcel Röwer, Tammo Weseloh / orgateam]

November 2018

Panel discussion and talk at Faculty of Agriculture (Hochschule Osnabrück) - "How can agriculture promote insect diversity" / "Wie kann die Landwirtschaft die Vielfalt von Insekten fördern?", Fachsymposium Landwirtschaft, Insektensterben – Bedeutung und Einfluss der Landwirtschaft, 20. November 2018.

June 2018 New paper on x-ray tomography in ecology by Yeisson Gutiérrez et al. in press at Ecology and Evolution

April 2018 Visit to experimental island facility close to Spiekeroog (North Sea), Wadden Sea National Park

17th March 2018 Conference on Biodiversity declines in Germany (Grüne Artenschutzkonferenz Münsterland), see also YouTube documentation

17th February 2018 Conference on "Insect declines in Germany" held at the Institute of Landscape Ecology; see also YouTube documentation

18th January 2018 Paper by Lukas Egli et al. accepted in Global Change Biology

15th January 2018 Paper by Tatiane Beduschi et al. accepted in Biological Converation

9 January 2018 Paper by Andrew Barnes et al. published online at Trends in Ecology & Evolution

December 2017 Speaker at "Ecology without borders" 2017

8 December 2017 Stakeholder workshop with farmers on crop diversification, EU H2020 project "Diversify"

24 November 2017 Inaugural lecture at Institute of Landscape Ecology

November 2017 Invited speaker at conference held by the Bertelsmann Stiftung ("Der Wert von Insekten")

see conference documentation

November 2017 Nature paper by Pfeifer et al. published online

October 2017 Nature Ecology & Evolution paper by Meyer et al. accepted

September 2017 DIVERSify project featured in TV show WDR "Aktuelle Stunde"

August 2017 Paper by Tiede et al. accepted in Ecology and Evolution

July 2017 Radio interview about Insect declines in Germany (WDR5 Leonardo)
on air 25th July, 15-17:00

See press features here and here

EU H2020 funded project "Diversify" launched

May 2017 New EU project "Diversify" on crop system diversification

9th March 2017 Paper by Pfeifer et al. invited for revision for Nature

27 January 2017 Paper by Deraison et al. highlighted by Faculty of 1000

17 January 2017 New book chapter in J.Lozáns book Warnsignal Klima: Die Biodiversität

12 December 2016 New paper by S.T. Meyer et al. in press at Ecosphere

02nd November 2016 Paper by Urs Kormann et al. submitted to Global Change Biology.

21st October 2016 New paper by Filipe Madeira et al. on  spillover of arthropods from cropland to protected calcareous grassland published in Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment

13th October 2016 New book chapter (in German) on biodiversity and climate change experiments accepted (book by J. Lozán: Warnsignal Klima: Die Biodiversität)

6th September 2016 The Animal Ecology group in Münster is taking shape

25th April 2016 Plant biodiversity explained: How local management and disturbance govern plant biodiversity across a wide range of habitats (ranging from salt marshes to dry grasslands and heathlands). Look at this new paper by Vanessa Minden et al.

4th March 2016 New paper by Christine Venjakob et al. uses three-dimensional tensor product splines (implemented in Simon Wood´s mgcv package in R) to investigate spatiotemporal plant-pollinator interactions in the Jena Experiment.


27th January 2016 Rainforest corridors restore hummingbird pollination services
See press releases by Universities of Münster and Göttingen

25th January 2016 Paper by Julia Tiede et al. on Next-Generation Sequencing of Carabid beetle gut content accepted in PLoS One!

23rd January 2016 Paper by Christine Venjakob et al. on Spatiotemporal niche use of pollinators accepted in Ecology & Evolution


13th January 2016

New paper by David Bohan et al. published in Trends in Ecology and Evolution

In this paper, we propose a network-based approach to transcend disciplinary challenges and place a natural science context at the heart of Ecosystem Service research.

6th January 2016 Paper by Urs Kormann et al. accepted in Proceedings of the Royal Society of London B

7th December 2015 Paper by Claudia Normann et al. published in Forest Ecology and Management

18th November 2015 Two new papers published in Advances in Ecological Research

9th November 2015 Paper by Claudia Normann et al. accepted with minor revisions in Journal of Plant Ecology

2nd November 2015 Paper by Claudia Normann et al. accepted in Forest Ecology & Management

Nature Communications Cover

New paper published

A recent paper, published in Nature Communications, shows that landscape context affects arthropod community composition. Landscape effects may even buffer effects of in-field management intensification. Complex landscapes harbor more heterogenous arthropod communities.

7th October 2015 New paper accepted in Current Opinion in Insect Science

Ecology Letters Cover

New paper published

6th October 2015 Paper by Hélène Deraison et al.
published in Ecology Letters



Paper by Christian Mulder et al. in press at Advances in Ecological Research

29th September 2015 Paper by Jes Hines et al. in press at Advances in Ecological Research

28th September 2015 Paper by Christian Mulder et al. submitted to Advances in Ecological Research

5th September 2015 Nature Communications paper by Gámez-Virués et al. accepted!!!

2nd September 2015 Ecology Letters paper by Deraison et al. accepted!!!

31st August 2015 Forest Ecology and Management paper by Normann et al. got major revisions

31st August 2015 Ecology Letters paper by Deraison et al. resubmitted

24th August 2015 Ecology Letters paper by Venjakob et al. under review

20th August 2015 Papers by Tiede et al. submitted to Molecular Ecology Resources and by Beduschi et al. resubmitted to Oecologia

19th August 2015 Paper by Deraison et al. got minor revisions at Ecology Letters

19th August 2015 New paper by Venjakob et al. submitted to Ecology Letters

18th August 2015 Paper by Gámez-Virués et al. accepted with minor revisions at Nature Communications

14th August 2015 Application interviews held for new postdoc position in Münster

3rd August 2015 Revised Ecology Letters paper by Deraison et al. is under review

23rd June 2015 Ecology Letters paper by Deraison et al. got major revisions!

4th June 2015 New paper on interacting global change drivers submitted to Current Opinion in Insect Science

1st June 2015 New paper by Tatiane Beduschi in press at Landscape Ecology

20th May 2015 Three new papers under review at Ecology Letters, Oecologia and Forest Ecology and Management

7th April 2015 New paper by Rösch et al. accepted in Oecologia

20th March 2015 New paper by Kormann et al. published online in Diversity and Distributions

3rd March 2015 Paper by Gamez-Viruez et al. transferred to Nature Communications

21st January 2015 Anova.multinom2() function for multinomial models with large number of user-specified weights (MaxNWts) added to "statistics" section

12th January 2015 Results from biodiversity experiments presented to Josef Rief (MDB), member of the German Bundestag

12th December 2014 New R code added to statistics section

11th December 2014 Manuscript by Sebastian T. Meyer et al. under review in Science

28th November 2014 New paper by Urs Kormann et al. resubmitted to Diversity and Distributions

07th November 2014 DFG grant for applied statistics extended

October 2014 Urs Kormann successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations!

September 2014 New Paper on biodiversity effects on herbivory and decomposition published in PLoS One

September 2014 Malaise and Camera trapping for a TV team (HR)

Malaise trapCamera trapping

August 2014 Wheat harvest at Deppoldshausen (BSc Thesis Nina Bacchi)

Wheat harvest

August 2014 A new small grassland biodiversity experiment in Göttingen is taking shape (MSc student: Niklas Krummel)

New Göttingen Biodiversity Experiment

21st/22nd July 2014 Two PhD students successfully defended their theses (Tatiane Beduschi, Verena Rösch) - congratulations!!!

27th June 2014 Camera trapping of hamster (Cricetus cricetus) populations in arable fields (BSc Friederike Siegel, BSc Melanie Fiedler)

Hamster camera trapping

26th June 2014 Comment published online in Science on an article published by C. Robertson McClung

6th June 2014 Workshop with John Fox on Structural Equation modelling and the "effects" package in R

1st June 2014 Member of the Representatives for Equal Opportunities (Gleichstellungsteam) of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

June 2014 First results from morphological studies on Carabid beetles (with X-Ray physics/ Prof. Dr. Tim Salditt)

Carabid micro tomographyX-Ray tomography of carabid beetles

March 2014 Structural equation modelling course given at Osnabrück university (for German Soil Science Society)

February 2014 Structural equation modelling course organized for the Jena Experiment (with JB Grace and others)

February 2014 New papers accepted in Biological Conservation, Forest Ecology and Management and Ecology & Evolution

February 2014 First visit to new research sites in the BEFmate project (Biodiversity-Ecosystem Functioning in marine-terrestrial environments)

Salt marshSalt marshes in the North Sea (new BEFmate project)

February 2014 Paper on beetles in the Biodiversity Exploratories published in Landscape Ecology

January 2014 Oecologia paper on Diptera in the Hainich National Park published

December 2013 Paper on grassland biodiversity & management accepted at BMC Ecology

Network biodiversity - DFG Jan Schumacher(©DFG/Jan Schumacher)

November 2013 Results from Nature paper shown at DFG-exhibition "Vernetzte Natur", Bonn

November 2013 Allan et al. paper accepted in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

November 2013 Radio interview with Bayerischer Rundfunk magazine "Puls" about attractivity research
October 2013 Ecology & Evolution paper recommended by Faculty of 1000 Faculty of 1000

September 2013 Covered in NEON blog as one of the 100 most important young Germans (original press article: Die 100 wichtigsten jungen Deutschen - neon Nr. 1/2003)

August 2013 Please check out my new statistics youtube channel!

28.08.2013 Climate change poster now at f1000Posters

29.08.2012 Radio interview about plant diversity in WDR 5 (listen to the podcast)

27.08.2012 Member of the Editorial Board of Ecology Letters

19.07.2012 Nature Climate Change Paper evaluated by Faculty of 1000Faculty of 1000

15.06.2012 Radio interview with NDR Info about climate change experiments

24.05.2012 Press article in the magazine "Stern" about grassland biodiversity

20.05.2012 Nature Climate Change Paper published online

26.03.2012 Received Habilitation Certificate of University of Göttingen

25.01.2012 Guest in TV show "nano" on ZDF/3sat (topic: organic agriculture)

23.11. 2011 Received Best Publication Award by the Foundation Board of Göttingen University

March 2011 Comment published on Nature´s website on radioactivity measurements at the Fukushima nuclear power plants

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