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Picture gallery - Christoph Scherber

1 Mother Goose Lake, Earthwatch Camp, Alaska 1998
Mother Goose Lake, Alaska
Bird watching at Mother Goose Lake
Counting migratory birds at Mother Goose Lake
2 Pico da Neblina, Brazil
Boat trip at Mother Goose Lake
Boat trip
Identification of plant samples
A black water river near San Gabriel da Cachoeira, NE Brazil
Pico da Neblina, close to the Brazilian-Venezuelan border
Moist depression with Heliamphora, Utricularia, Brocchinia etc.
Heliamphora tatei var. neblinae. Note the tall pitchers with long appendices.
Yanomami indian camp
From left: Prof. Jose Mauricio Valeria Piliackas, Christoph Scherber, Andreas Wistuba, Fernando Rivadavia, Joachim Nerz
(all pictures by Jan-Peter Daniels)
(all pictures by C. Scherber)

More pictures will be added soon!